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/ Intermediate processing industry

Toward the realization of a "sustainable society" 

Rather than choosing landfill as the final disposal method, Turn waste into raw materials and create value-added products Material recycling (upcycling)is our first goal.

× Landfill disposal

〇 Recycling

​Flow of proper treatment of waste

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We will check, weigh, and weigh industrial waste generated by businesses. Review the manifest.

​As a pre-process for final disposal (landfill disposal), we will carry out appropriate processing in a way that places as little environmental impact as possible.

Our company aims to recycle discarded plastics, turn them into products, and put them back on the market.

​It will be handed over to final disposal.

Role of “intermediate processing”

Industrial waste generated by waste generating businesses is disposed of through the following steps: ``discharge'', ``collection/transportation'', ``intermediate treatment'', and ``final disposal''. Final disposal is literally the process of final disposal of waste, and most of it is disposed of in landfills. The intermediate treatment that our company handles is a preliminary step, and it plays an important role in preserving the living environment.

​What is industrial waste?

Industrial waste refers to waste generated from business activities and is generated along with industrial processes such as factories, manufacturing, construction, and mining. These substances may contain chemicals and harmful substances, and their processing and management methods are regulated by law in order to reduce their impact on the environment and adverse health effects.


Industrial waste is handled by companies that have obtained permission from the prefectural governor for each process (collection and transportation, intermediate treatment, and final treatment). Businesses that generate industrial waste must take responsibility and outsource the processing to licensed companies, and have them separate and store the waste in an appropriate manner.

Role of intermediate processing

We receive waste generated from factories from collection and transportation companies and perform intermediate processing. Intermediate treatment is a step before final disposal (landfill), and as part of a sustainable waste management system, it plays an important role in making effective use of resources and reducing the burden on the environment.


The intermediate processing of plastics that we carry out is a process in which plastics generated as waste are recycled and pelletized again to create new products.


Industrial waste collection and transportation business license


Industrial waste disposal business license

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