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*90% reduction in carbon dioxide!

Incineration plant

We plan, design, and construct waste treatment plants.


We handle incineration plants (including boilers and generators for power generation), crushers, sieves, sorting lines, and plants for reclaimed soil.

Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture Higuchi Shoten Co., Ltd. Ikoma Factory Incinerator Image Part 2.jpg

The large incinerator plant we propose can suppress dioxin generation by 99% by installing a special filter.

(Patent application 2023-090211)

ceramic filter.jpg

Reduction of Co, Co2

The industrial waste we receive will be recycled instead of being disposed of in a landfill.The incinerators we handle do not generate any incineration ash or fly ash, and the exhaust gas generated can be used for power generation.

Reducing industrial waste

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